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Merida DunBroch is fiery, independent princess as wild and untamed as the coils of her red hair. The only thing that rivals it, is the love she holds for her family, friends, and home. Two years after Brave events.

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「 ➸ 」—-  Yelps! 

                                       ❝No Wait—! ❞  

                                                               Laughs uncontrollably.   

|| —- ❝Say I’m a pro and I’ll stop!
                          Sits on and continues to tickle.



「 ➸ 」—-  Tries to push him away.  


                                                                                              Still laughing.                                                   

Co-Existance (closed RP with HeirofDunbroch)


It was too early for this.

It was way, way to early for this. Jack hated waking up any time before 10 a.m. (he had science to back up why the teenaged body shouldn’t be required to wake up before that time), so any day he had to wake up earlier than that never looked to be a good one.

It was even worse when things started going wrong right off the bat.

First day of senior year, he should not have to be doing this.

He rubbed his face, trying to keep his eyes open while he kicked at the bathroom door. “Come on, Merida! I have to get ready!”

7 a.m. was way, way, WAY too early to be dealing with his step-sister. (What genius had decided he and Merida should share the upstairs bathroom, anyway?)

「 ➸ 」—-  Who told her mum that remarrying was a good idea?

                            Merida scrubbed her arm hard, leaving her skin pink in irritation. But
                            she was angry, not even this cold shower could cool the anger in her

                                                                                   It was just so sudden.

                             One moment, it’s just her, her mum and brothers, still mourning the
                             death of her father five years prior. Elino had never shown a sign of
                             wanting to date or see anyone else, so Merida had assumed the  threat
                            of a step-father was non-existent.  

     Then out of nowhere, her mum is engaged to a man she meet at work.

                           Now, there’s two more people invading Merida’s life and family that
                           she never allowed to enter.

              That man.  

                                     And his son.

                                                         Because apparently one extra stranger wasn’t enough.  

                              And he was currently being a pain in her ——-  

                                     ❝Ask yer dad to use his bathroom!

            It was North’s stupid idea to they should share this bathroom anyways. 

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「 ➸ 」—-  ❝Excuse me! Watch where yer going!

 Feeling her sword scabbard thwack against the girl Godiss turned to look over her shoulder, brows raised and looking ever so unimpressed. Hooking a pale hand in to her belt she sighed. 
                “—Says the girl that just smacked in to my sword?” Her words dripped with dry sarcasm. 

「 ➸ 」—-  From the moment she woke up, Merida’s day was not going 
                      very well. She was late to a meeting in the throne room, she 
                      failed her speech test with her mother, Angus threw her off 
                      after a snake crossed their way, and now this woman was 
                      speaking to her like a foolish child.  

                                            Nope, her day was going quite terribly. 

               ❝Maybe if ye knew how to wield that thing nobody would get in it’s way.

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「 ➸ 」—- Merida looked up at the creature, and gulped.  

                              ❝Yer not, um, from around here, are ye?

Mercy turned his head to the voice, carmine feathers ruffled and ears perked. Turning his read eyes to to the red hair lady. Lowering to be at her eye level.

"No, I am not."

「 ➸ 」—- Merida jumped. She did not expect it to
                    be able to speak. She swallows. 

                                                              ❝Where are ye from then?

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「 ➸ 」—- ❝Yer really got at this!

"Oh, I’m not very skilled in archery. I think it may have been just a lucky shot." 


「 ➸ 」—- ❝Then it’s all th’ more impressive,” Merida insisted, smiling. “Is there
       another weapon that ye prefer?

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